What is 1DayVC?

The 1Day Virtual Conference will be held from 10am-6pm EDT on Thursday, April 2, 2020, and it is an opportunity for supply chain professionals to connect online to discover the latest technology innovations & trends in the transportation industry.  

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic and the resulting cancellation & postponements within the industry have left a void for technology vendors & thought leaders to showcase the tools they've created to help transportation companies in times like these.  It is our aim to provide a platform for these companies to display their solutions & expertise, with each presenting company committing to provide discounted services during this time to help us all get through this difficult stretch.

1DayVC is a free online event with up to 16 25-minute presentations over an 8-hour day.  Each presentation will be facilitated by a technology vendor or industry leader highlighting technology and industry trends, either through a standard webinar format or through a panel discussion. Guest will be able to jump into a session to watch and interact with the presenters during each 25-minute window, followed by a 5-minute period to transition to a new session.  

Click on schedule to learn more about each session and pre-register to attend.

Like the spokes on a wheel, we all come together to help each other through this difficult time.

Like the spokes on a wheel, today we all come together to help each other in this difficult time.